Tuesday, September 2, 2014


DC: Iraq officially released it to the IMF and BIS, and when they are done, they will release it internationally. The IMF and BIS got together because they work in conjunction.
The IMF is the facilitator, making sure all the paperwork it done and getting past any disagreements. The BIS is the technical side with the computer systems and technical/procedural notifications. So the BIS and IMF are attached at the hip, they agree and send it to the central banks around the world.

I got this from five different sources that this has been sent out around the world with a BIS/IMF hold.  So when they say “This is the time”, that is the 2-15 minute boom throughout the world.
We don’t have any timelines apart from the 2-15 minute deal.  Everyone is lined up.  There have been some politics, but they are behind us and hope to finish this up very quickly.



VINMAN:   I'm ready for the finish...it's been a long race :-)

SPRINGSCrossing the finish line. Bring on the big hook to hook me over that line.


OMEGAMAN: IMF is waiting for the formal announcement of the GOI thursday....which is OUR WED...NITE...DIGNITARIES will be there THURS...for the ceremony...WED. NIGHT...is what we've ALL been waiting for...THE ANNOUNCEMENT...

DR. MARK: Per Exo clues a page earlier....IMF has approved.  Now its just the process for the BIS.  Clock is ticking down....


GT: Additional Clues......

Call Centers are Tightening UP Loose ENDS .........Ready to Start Exchanging

Theirs a Detour Route......but are Getting Ready to Start (ASAP)!!

Big 4 Banks are READY to GO.......100% Confirmed (but are being Quiet)

Watch The Rates of Gold......(going in Reverse)

Iraq's Announcements..........for Thursday.

ADOPTEDSON: Exchange Centers are Tightening Down any Loose Pieces/Tools for Offsite Exchange Today!
They're taking a Detour and Getting Ready to Open Up.
The Big 4  Banks are being Quiet about It.
It's Confirmed 100%!
We're watching the price of Gold Fall.
Iraq's Announcements are Set for Thursday.


Wilbur Grodan:Ag/Au shakeout as predicted by S3A member
USDX remains lofty at 82.97
Expecting head fake reversal tonight 
The real shift likely THURSDAY AM 0600GMT
This take jives with today's TNT call more or less



[.SEDNET1] it is my understanding that Okie will simply announce the RV. The "rules & Regs" will be the sole responsibility of the various banks, and may very well differ from bank to bank. Since no one herein has had any advance knowledge of the "rules", It would be extremely difficult to teach anyone on a subject that there up to that point has never been a "rule book" for.

That said. I am also certain, that this whole process will not be very much different than a typical trip to the bank. The exchange will be made, One will get a deposit slip or slips, and then the new life begins.

There will not be any constraints on time or urgency imposed upon anyone. Emotions will be high, that I will acknowledge. Other than that? All the caro is being made up.

 I want all of you to remember something. This has never happened on this scale before. Things will be fluid and we must be adaptable.

Be kind to the bankers and everyone else. It doesn't cost anything to be nice.

When you walk in with currency everyone of you will have the banking contacts. The banks want our business.

Don't make any quick decisions. Pray before you act. pause as long as it takes and listen for answers. Don't just jump into things. Opportunity will wait.

I hope everyone has been paying attention because when it happens the class room may be closed and only chat will remain.

We may not be allowed to continue teaching.