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Aggiedad77:  Family here are the CC Notes from last nights call.....there are many highly important morsels to be gleaned from Frank's message last night....from the beginning all the way to the end....I suggest you study it well.....Enjoy     Aloha   Randy

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CC Notes for Wednesday 05-04-2016
Frank26:  All honor and glory to our Heavenly Father for the reports that we get from our TEAMS as we pray for our TEAMS….speaking of TEAMS we want to salute the family of the US Navy SEAL that was killed by ISIS.
Listen Family, I can sit here and I can talk to you….I can tell you a lot of things….you know that…..but what I’m going to do instead…..is that I’m going to give you a very….very pinpoint, lasered, chiseled, carved out update of where we are at........

Frank26:  Now Monday we kind of covered it….but let me try this again….because there are things that are going on that we can’t talk about…..oh Frank is trying to be coy…..oh Frank is trying to tease…..no….you know me better than that….and we are going to tell you what it is that we can’t talk about and you will understand in a minute.
Come with me once again…..on Monday we told you that Thursday that IOO (In our opinion) the Bank of International Settlement and the World Bank…..gave Iraq and Abadi and the CBI….the permission to go ahead and do their Monetary Reform….it is our opinion that this is what happened on Thursday.
We also have in our opinion that the IMF said around that same time that they are working very closely with Iraq, the CBI, and Dr. Shabibi obviously….they don’t even mention the proxy Allak….and they said they were going to be completed with what they are doing with the CBI…..in this month of May that we are in right now.
Last week we were told that this was going to happen on Tuesday we were told this by our TEAMS IMO…..we were told this….and here is a keyword….they said Frank….barring any catastrophe this coming Thursday the BIS and the WB are going to give Iraq the permission to bring forth their Monetary Reform.
When we met with you two days ago….our report to you was that what happened in the Green Zone….was for the purpose of scaring the ministers and moving forward….right….now we stand by that….but I have to tell you a little bit more tonight.
What happened in those three days….in the government of Iraq….in the GOI….was embarrassing…..now our TEAMS are not necessarily talking directly to us…..our TEAMS are now being guided…..by let’s simply say other TEAMS….that is huge…..so my TEAMS are not giving me their opinions…..they are giving me their TEAMS information….but I can only present it to you as “IN MY OPINION”….that this past Thursday they got permission from the BIS and the WB….but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday….when the citizens entered the Green Zone….it became a mess…..

Now we talked about it on Monday and we explained it to you, I laughed about it and I still laugh about it….but they were a bunch of children….but it was embarrassing…..I’m not going to go into the details of who was embarrassed or why it was embarrassing but it was a mess…..it did remove some of the cockroaches….it did force some of the issues…..and it did…..HOORAH……allow Abadi to sit whatever part of his cabinet that he sat….

I won’t say what he said…..I told you he’s got everything he wants….their pattern is the same….like a leaky faucet….after you turn it on….on Monday it is pouring out information…..then you slowly close it but it still leaks a little bit…..and sure enough it forced a lot of issues to be dealt with….but the most important thing was it allowed Abadi to tell you he has cabinet members…..

Now the cool thing about it is you don’t know about these cabinet members do you….no…no you don’t and don’t act like you do….and you don’t even know how many ministers they got do you….no….but Abadi does….and Abadi all of a sudden grew some attitudes….he grew knowledge….you see Abadi is not a politician….he is a soldier….that is why is why he is so damn stubborn….and I’m not done with this by the way…..but let me also go back and tell you something on else.
On Monday we also told you….that IOO that Baghdadi….it’s possible he might be captured…..he might be dead….the article that we gave you….well there it was….but there is no link….you cannot find anything on the internet about Baghdadi right now…..that is huge intel….they are covering that up and if we came close to telling you…..look IOO….look what we found….here’s a journalist….here is the information….we are not making this up….then all of a sudden yesterday and today you can’t find jack about Baghdadi being captured or killed or anything….not even the name….that is not a coincidence…..alright.
So let me also say you still cannot find any information about it…..but we believe that on the 28th of April…..Abadi got even more…..and that is why you saw what you did with the ministers and cabinet and some laws and activities that went on.
I also need for you to look….let me do my best to try and explain this to you…..look there are two Holy Men in Iraq…..one of them is a good guy….one of them….IMO is not….now the good guy to me is Sistani…..the bad guy to me is Sadr…..Sadr hated us from the beginning, in the middle, and at the end right now…..

Sistani got together with the citizens and told them….this is what you are going to do….and they did it peacefully every Friday…..Sistani brings in Sadr a few weeks ago….into this whole situation…and Sadr says….hey I understand…..but why are you getting the US to help us….who the hell else can help us….alright….but I tell you what….I’m going to Iran to talk to my buddies…..no don’t do that…..well I tell you what…..I’m going to let the citizens loose into the Green Zone and tell them to be a little bit more active……no don’t do that…..hey don’t tell me what to do….these are the infidels…and you are kissing their butt

Sistani….we are the two Holy Men….we are putting fear in the GOI….we are putting fear in our people….why can’t we put the fear in them…the US….because that is not how it works…..well I don’t like it….I don’t care what you like.
So if you pay close attention to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday photographs…..you don’t see any American troops anywhere…..you don’t see any Iraqi troops anywhere…..you don’t see any Peshmerga troops anywhere…..IMO….Sadr rushed these people in….that is why they were idiots….and broke everything and made a mess out of everything and what did the US do….what did we tell you…..Prime Directive…..oh sure we were cocked and loaded….just hold your ground….and then on top of that….no we didn’t hold our ground….we retreated…..

Now this is not my opinion….you an read all of this….if you can find it…..but Sadr….the bad Holy Guy…..he just pushed it over the weekend….and it became embarrassing…..and it became a mess…..and what did I tell you….barring any catastrophe…..on the 28th you are going to see this…..and then….well I can’t tell you “and then”….but I can tell you that in my strong opinion….the 28th did happen.
So while this little embarrassing situation occurs we the USA….Prime Directive….retreat….retreat….but they are breaking into…..retreat….and we do and they break in and we watched them like hawks as they made a mess up until the point where we said….enough of this stuff….and we very nicely escorted them back out…..you didn’t see any of that in the videos did you…..you didn’t see any Australian troops did you….how about British troops……nobody was protecting the government of Iraq…..Jubouri and Abadi had already left…..because they had a quorum earlier that day….and did some things that you are now being told about.
When the ministers were evacuated from the Green Zone there was absolutely no security….you are on your own sucker….and it worked.
So while you think Friday, Saturday, Sunday…..all hell is breaking loose….which it was and we told you….they were meeting….who is they…..Abadi and his cabinet….the one we don’t know about….yeah….what were they doing…..I’m not going to directly tell you but I will say this….do you know that the USA and Congress has vote by absentee….yeah I know that…..what you don’t think that Abadi can’t either.
There was ZERO security protecting the Parliament….there were no troops and this was for a reason….I call it the Prime Directive….while Abadi did what he had to do with his cabinet members in a private way….and also told the DAWA Party….up yours.
Now if things don’t continue…..IMO….the way I’m expressing to you….may I throw something else out to you…..you know I told you that if Iraq doesn’t pay attention we will just bomb the hell out of this place and incinerate it….but Abadi is paying attention…..he is doing everything….in fact we are moving forward very nicely…..I am very happy with Abadi….so let me just say this…..if we don’t see something in the first week of this month….you know progression-wise…..I’m not talking about a date or rate….stop thinking in that way….I’m talking about a progression, a movement, more information being revealed….

If we don’t see this progression in the first week of this month….then here is what I would suggest….Dr. Abadi….you mind…..can I just throw this in…..why don’t we just clean the whole place up….I mean we did it with ISIS….why don’t we do it with the GOI…..now you may say….well Frank isn’t that what they did….they cleaned the slate….yeah….of the bad guys…..and don’t they have good people now….good technocrats…..and they are all organized and Abadi has his cabinet….yeah….well then what is the problem….well that is my point….there is no problem…..let’s do this…..if not let’s wipe them all out too…..all the ministers….all the cabinet….get rid of Parliament….get rid of everything…..let’s just put a democracy in here….and we can do it….you know that don’t you…Iraq….and we will do it.
So there are many contingencies….there are many offers….I just want you to chill Family….chill….relax….but I will say this….y’all have been doing some amazing postings I’m proud of you….good gosh it takes me forever to read your postings….I don’t just read your posts….I read, I analyze, then I read a third time…..I do everything in threes….this is all very good…..

In fact you should be watching what the Rafadain and Rasheed Banks are doing right now in different provinces in Iraq….they are building banks….how is this possible…..and they all are saying….we support Abadi….who else is saying that…..Washington, DC….and anyone that wants to mess with them…..Washington, DC is here to tell you….up yours….you can’t mess with them.
I would like to finish this up because I have issues now….yesterday at 3:00 pm Mountain time….Sadr was interviewed and Sadr said he is giving Abadi 24 hours after he returns from Iran to finish the reforms….what reforms…..well I’m sure you can imagine which reforms.
I also want you to know that I told you Abadi got everything…..Abadi got his cabinet….he got all of his cabinet….not just 5 or 6 or whatever….but announcing them is the key and giving them the time to tell you….it is just the next step.
I want to thank ReddStarr a member on our forum…..because your post 16 showed many laws that are in the Gazette….that was very good.
I think it was Purifiers that sent me the email about nothing on the internet….I thank you sir.
Pay close attention Family to the fact that the IMF said that they will be done with Iraq in May….ok….they will be done in May…..well….done with what in May…..the step by step by steps they have been working on.
Please May is not an RV date….it is a progression of the RV….and if it happens that it is the RV well that is fine….there are many things that are being done that you don’t know….many things.
I want to thank islandgirl….islandg I think it says….post 199….you laid out three good examples…..there are many by the way….but the three examples…..1. The bonds….why did they go from 11% to 4%....why did I talk to you about that on Monday….that is huge….this is a step that Abadi wanted…..how about the LOI…the Letter of Intent….do you see what it says inside the body of it….these are steps…..how about the bank restrictions….all of these things are lined out in post 199….that I think you should pay attention to….we talked about these things on Monday…you’ve seen them on Tuesday and Wednesday…..I’m here to please encourage you to please follow up on it.
We told you they don’t need 100% of Fallujah and Mosul….I even expressed IMO….their benchmark was 50%...what did they tell you in the last few hours….that both are at 70%...and didn’t we tell you….they don’t need to be 100%....they are trying to tell you the things…..that we have been telling you Family….IOO.
Now you need to pay attention to another step they are doing….and that is the money markets….why would they gather the CBI and put together a bunch of experts to determine whether or not money markets are essential for the CBI….well of course they are.
Article 140 and Article 61 are extremely hot and here is why….”They are adopting international standards to implement reform plans”……I’m sorry it doesn’t get any simpler or planer….more obvious….they are adopting international standards to implement reform plans.
Yes many steps and they have to be done one at a time….and it looks like in the month of May they will be done with them….according to the IMF….because in the first half of 2016 they will be done with all of their reforms…IMO.
I was going to talk to you about LD’s and coins….the electronic ones and the physical ones….I don’t have the time to do it…..I do want you to know that is part of their International standards they are establishing…..they were not going to hold onto the LD’s….the coins….very long they had to move them….that was part of the security.
So good bye to Maliki, good bye to the DAWA Party….good bye to ISIS….good bye to the bad ministers….good bye to a lot of things….because listen to this….”We can’t change 100’s of director-generals and thousands of officials but we have to start somewhere”….holy cow….this is Iraq.
It is important they say to push for a change in the financial institutions…..like the CBI….especially the DAWA Party’s connections….these are self confessions….these are the things we are teaching….and there they are.
I love the fact that I tried my best to teach you the difference between Sadr and Sistani….poor Sistani comes out and he says….I feel distressed for the country’s affairs….the correct situation must be made….yeah…you are a good guy….it is Sadr who is  pushing and created the mess over the weekend….but it is ok….everything is ok….the Monetary Reform is still being done and will be accomplished in May according to the IMF and the first half of this year they will be done with you and you can do whatever you want to do.
I would like to tell you that IMO…..ISIS screwed up….what I mean by that is that they are now beheading al Qaeda….they are showing it and being defiant about it….and that is dangerous and suicidal….this is not what ISIS should be doing….because now the al Qaeda is surrounding both factions of ISIS….ISIS is actually an offshoot of al Qaeda….but al Qaeda said to ISIS you guys are stupid, you guys are sick….we got nothing to do with you….what you guys do is decadent, horrible….you are just too wild and we don’t want to have anything to do with you…..with these beheadings they anger al Qaeda and they will end up joining us to remove the other 30% left in the area of ISIS.
Did you see the article that came out about Mosul and Fallujah….not the 70%....those are old articles….don’t pay attention to them….the only one you want to pay attention to is the one talking about the 70%.
Did you see an article about Iran and the nuke deal….don’t pay attention…that is an old article.

What you want to pay attention to……Sadr are you going to stop it now….Sadr are you under control now…..Sadr are you still mad….citizens are you listening to Sistani or Sadr….you see Family….maybe you don’t know this…but in Iraq….Sadr is known as the Murdering Cleric….he has no scruples….he hates America…..I think on the 28th, once again, they had a chance to make themselves known to the international world….but it got out of hand and it got stupid…..and it was dealt with…..
Sadr is strange….let me tell you something….the USA does not know how to marginalize Sadr……and IMO that is why we retreated…..you don’t know what this knucklehead could have done inside that Green Zone…..Sadr hates the United States…..I think IMO that Sadr might have wanted something disastrous to happen over the weekend…..but it didn’t….it didn’t cause more problems…..we pulled back….all troops pulled back….

And then Abadi arrested a bunch of people too….because Abadi asked us to help him…..then Abadi dismissed a brigadier-general in the Green Zone…..so this wouldn’t continue any further….so what is next….the information about Baghdadi that is being kept silent….I don’t know….I just know we are killing ISIS by the thousands and they still are still around….that doesn’t make any sense does it media.
I leave you with this….the BIS, the World Bank, and the IMF tell countries what do with their currency….and I have seen nothing that says these three agencies are telling Iraq…..don’t raise your value…..all I see is….raise your value and get out here and join the international world.

The Monetary Reform of Iraq….the IMF was waiting for this to be done by the BIS and the WB….so the IMF could be finished by the middle of May….TA-DA.

There are many issues and there is one that I would like to talk to you about in-depth….and it is huge….it’s big in my notes….the title is MCP, I’m going to save it for Friday and talk to my TEAMS about it because I’m disturbed about it…..nothing to do with slowing or delaying anything….because we have no dates or rates….look I don’t have that….I love the adventure, the hunt….I love the hunt….the tracking….I can track….I love what we are doing…..I don’t love that people want a date or a rate….I love the study and I love what we are seeing….and I’m interested in studying it more with you…and we will continue to do so.
The Crusades….over two thousand years ago brought in Christianity and democracy to the Middle East…and we are going to talk about it more on Friday with our TEAMS.
Dismissed with a prayer.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016



RubyRed:  "Intel from Bluwolf 5-4-16" - Anonymous Guest Post Emailed to Dinar Chronicles: Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2016 3:24 AM Subject: Bluwolf Intel According to Blu, all efforts and request have been accomplished, expecting the final email to be shared promptly. Have your bag by the door, Bluwolf ! !

Blessed2bablessing:  Hey, Guys! Very exciting! Jerzy and Doug from Landa China Global are very conservative with what they put out there....however, they just verified that global funds are moving and that the target date to have the historical assets done by is the 15th!!! The RV is moving forward too but no timeframe given!


Wednesday CC Replay with Gerry Maguire

Guests: Iko Ward, Art ‘yosef and more…..


TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Wed., May 4, 2016: CORRECTED

    • sunny said
      10:37 AM May 4, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  What next, based on what we've experienced, heard, what has taken place and what needs to take place versus next.   Over here everything is quiet.  Banking contacts quiet.  Updates from some and not others.  Bank contacts are increasing.  Getting information from different banks, not just WF and Chase.  . . Banking folks clammed up a few days ago.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  In Iraq, they have been given an ultimatum.  Told them to get this done today!                                                                      The banks thought yesterday.  They are at a high state of expectation.
    IRAQ:    Interesting events happening across the pond.  On Tuesday, Sadr was giving Iraq officials another ultimatum saying what happened last Saturday was minor, "nothing," compared to what could come next.  Ultimatum is get it done today.  
    • Abadhi went to a secret location - Yesterday, he named all but two ministers by executive order.  Ray:  There maybe an announcement or this may have been the announcement.       
    • Three President's Decision/Meeting Results:  No information at this time. 
    • Demonstrations:  Sadr gave the GOI an ultimatum to get this done today or he threatened more actions that would be greater than what happened last weekend.  The Iraq people want equal representation, all religious sects represented equally, honest government officials and corruption eliminated.
    • Contractor Paid?  Ray cannot get information. He's tried and tried and no one is talking.  He feels since it has not been mentioned or made news that it is not an issue.
    • Rates:  ZIM, Ray said to ask for one (1) numeral to the left of the decimal and two on the right for International rate.   Adept has noted the contract rate could be two numerals to the left.  I will listen to the recording to verify.      
    • Banks:  Ray said banks don't know the date any more than you or I.  They get notices and mobilize. Ray:  This is going to happen, sooner or later.  We're just waiting it out.
    • Exchanging:  Ray:  You will exchange, trade one currency for another.  It is worth 10 million when you walk in and your are exchanging it for $10 million USD.  Might be considered a "like kind exchange." (look that up tax wise as a "like kind exchange" is a tax law/ruling).
    • Self-Directed Roth IRA:  Ray: It's a tool that is greatly overlooked for what you can do with it. Need to use it before it's structure is modified.  Those of you who have moved on this will be grandfathered in.
    Structured payouts:   Ray: I have two viewpoints.  1) Bankers say no way they can do that.  It's not in their charter.  They say, "No way, Jose."  2)  Some of you will spend; pay cash for items.  A structured payout is a guaranteed payment.  Military pay is guaranteed payment.  People that are loaning money, they look at that.  If you work at a factory and show up for work 15 minutes late you can be fired.  (Military are in there for a length of time and therefore their pay is considered a guaranteed payment).
    EX:  Exchanged for $1 million dollars.  With a structured payout you would get $500,000 now and the balance paid to you over another 5 years.  So you have an ongoing cash flow for 5 years.   It's not a loan.  It's your money.        
    Q. - Still planning on asking for 3 numerals on ZIM rate?    Ray: Yes, I am! 
    Q. - Tony said to watch for a leveling of gas prices.  Are we there?  Ray:  I'll ask Tony to see what he said back then.
    Q. -  World leaders waiting for Presidential conventions to be concluded?   Ray:  I don't think world leaders are waiting for that.  Definitely not the Iraqi citizens.
    Q. -  Did the 2007 budget really happen?  Ray:  To the best of my knowledge it did.
    Q. -  Jack Lew and others still in Iraq?   Ray:  I don't know.
    Q & A CALLERS:
    Q. - Tony said the RV had to happen before SKR's could be paid.  Hearing SKR's being paid out. Has it (the RV) happened?       Ray:  If a massive number of SKR's are being funded, that is going to get out.  No one else is getting that information.  There are a lot of us plugged into banking.
    Q. -  Keep Dinar separate?   Ray:  I am still going to stay with that.
    Q.  Caller was new and had concerns about wealth manager, etc.  Ray gave reassurances.
    RAY:  Wrap up today's session.  If there is a need to come back, we will.  If need to shoot a Tweet out, on what I consider important information, I will send that out as well.  If an 800# hits my desk and they say, "give this to your people," we will do that.
    While we await those things and ponder on what happens next, we believe. (played "I Believe.")
    Recording Stopped - Members Chat:
    Q. -  Are we looking for subtle or big announcement from Iraq.  Ray:  Not sure with civil unrest going on over there now, don't think anything will be subtle.  From the way it  looks if they get A, B,C and X, Y Z taken care of everything else falls into place.
    Q. - Iraq under state of emergency?  Ray:  I don't think so.
    Q. -  Old ZIM with no receipts.  Should I have concerns about that.   Ray:  I have no concern about that and you should feel the same way.  Banking people have never said anything about proof of ownership or where you got it.  There only concern is if it's counterfeit. . . I've talked to people who have exchanged for millions of dollars and it was not an issue.  Banks don't care where you got it.  IRS: Only care if it's taxable and if it has short term or long term applications/capital gains.  If you have an audit, they will want to know.
    Q. -   I have a 501-C3.  Do I need a skeleton trust?  Ray:  I don't think so.  It's about ownership.  If your 501-C3 owns the currency no reason to do the skeleton trust.
    Q. - Definition of skeleton trust?   Ray:  Real estate departments at banks deal with it.  Been telling everybody to call the banks and find out what you can and cannot do with it.  Some banks don't know anything and others do.
    No definition on line. Something I have to do?  Ray: No, don't see how a bank could impose that on you.  If they say it is mandatory I would ask for the regulations that support that.  It might be recommended or highly suggested . . . as it means money in their back pocket.
    Q. - Legal tender, fiat backed:  Can you break that down? What is it?   Ray:  The fiat currency has no asset backing it to make it real.  From the beginning of time the only real money people owned was silver and gold.  Then governments started printing paper money and had gold or silver to back it up.  That made it real money and accepted anywhere in the world.  Money accepted in your country could be called it's legal tender.  They could be one and the same or legal tender can not be real money.  Just the medium of exchange that country chose to use.
    When US started it was backed by gold to be real money.  Then backed by silver.  Some of us remember having paper money that said backed by silver.  Then we started printing more dollars than we had silver to back it up and it became a promise that the government would give you 100 pennies is what you would get.  Because we'd switched from a silver certificate to a "promissory note."  A promise.  That's your fiat money.
    Q - Is it wise to purchase additional currency at this time?  Ray:  Yes!
    Ray:  Can't thank the moderators and transcribers enough.  We are all here for you.  We do care about your well being and that you have good, sensible information that does not pull your hair out and make good decisions.
    The bottom line is so you can be in control, of your money, your decisions and your future.  Could't be any other way.  Playing, "What Keeps You Cool" by TNT member Finesse.  Take care everyone.