Friday, August 1, 2014


[generals64] before I have to go let me tell you guys....I promise when this goes down your instructions will be so simple you will laugh at yourself.....If you can read an email.....then you are in good shape...."
It is wonderful to have good connections with a Banker and I trust that very few of us have those connections.  The accountant that we know personally tells us that, after the announcement of RV, he will get us appointments at the bank.  I personally believe that RV release will be made public and so, I am not worried about that.   SkiRacer's 8 lessons that were posted over the past 7 days in various dinar forums have been the most informative giving me a basic course on all things that I need to know.
This is not the time to worry - this is the time for anticipation. I am confidant of the release of RV BEFORE early to mid-September.  I purchased some more on the 31st.  Yes - Waiting is tense and I am glad that this will come to happy conclusion ANY DAY over the next 4 to 5 weeks.....Blessings 


DINAR IRAQ  & DONG VIETNAM: Master minds of the global economy are hopeful about the revaluation of Iraqi Dinar upwards. Iraq is one of the most thriving oil producing countries in the world. The end of the autocratic era pushed the economic development to the highest gear. So the investors are hopeful of a rerating.

The economic depression of 2008 paved way for large scale investments in the currencies. Investors paid attention to countries that have a considerably stable economic status. In the current global economy, investing in the currency of Iraq seems to be wise. Iraq has one of the largest and most thriving oil industries of the world at present. Therefore, investors are confident about Iraqi Dinar rv as it would surely pay back in great measure.

Iraq’s oil fields have the capacity to produce gallons of oil on a regular basis. The prediction shows that the production of oil may reach an all time high in the next ten years facilitating an increased valuation of Iraqi Dinar. This projection is certainly exciting news for investors who have bought Iraqi Dinar some time back, and have been waiting for its revaluation.

Iraq’s economy has been looking up gradually since the end of the autocratic era and the following anarchy, and its economic revival is related and dependent on its oil industry. Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) has projected that Iraq would be coming up as the world’s fastest growing economy by 2013.

The World Bank is a well known international organization of finance. The World Bank has dedicated to offer special loans to the developing countries in order to contribute to the alleviation of poverty. A Central Bank representative of Iraq has reported that the World Bank has offered Iraq a proposal for becoming a donor state by the year 2014. This shows immense potential for Iraqi Dinar in the world economic market.

Iraqi Dinar trade is flourishing day by day because of Iraqi Dinar News. This is perhaps the best time to invest in such a potential currency as Iraqi Budget that has been approved by the Parliament, renders a green signal to the value of Vietnamese Dong to soar high in the near future.


8-1-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony  [via Duke] You should be excited but we can't give you details that would support, specifically what happened last night or the day before it.    [Has a contract rate been set for the other currencies?]  Those are the only 2 I know about that have contract rates.  ...as an individual, when you go to the bank you'll be offered 3 rates: a market rate, a China rate, and an international rate. You just have to be there when they are available.  We didn't think we'd be here this weekend. We didn't think we'd be here last night.  We know just how close things are to being live.

8-1-2014   Intel Guru DC
   [via Duke]   Bottom line, things are so freakin' close and nobody knows why we're not sitting in the money right now. Iraq is done with their holidays and festivals. Everybody has been voted on but they haven't revealed it.   In Iraq a lot of stability has been brought to the situation with ISIS and other nefarious guys. Celebrations are planned for tomorrow and everybody is quite happy with themselves in Iraq.  In the USA, the Administration is ready. Banks are cued up on high alert. There's really not much left to do. We're just sitting here. [Several gurus are saying it won't happen until 8/8.]   I find it very difficult to understand how it could last that long. Everything looks phenomenally good. I honest-to-God don't know why it hasn't happened but we are right there. 


Lady Nana:Hi folks,
I have been contacting Warka bank to get information on how to open an account with them, but the emails didn't go through. Does anyone have information or experience about it? Thank you.

Carefree:Hi,  Have you tried: c.accounts@warka-bank-iq.com   ?

I have found them to be very efficient and helpful in setting up accounts. They also pay between 7 and 10.5 percent interest on regular savings and CD's.  Better service than US banks.

There are hundreds of TNT people that have accounts  with WARKA, I'm sure you'll get some help here.  (ignore the Poo-Poo talkers when they show up)

Janina: Try it again, it goes through