Monday, October 20, 2014


OMEGAMAN: thiis just in from a skype contact of mine:

Private buyer of new Iraqi Dinars closing in Reno, Nevada. All that is required is Seller's CIS, PP, and a copy of the Purchase Receipt.

Disclaimer: the previous shall not be construed as an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any products or services, including but not limited to any securities, currencies,  financial instruments or other investments or investment advice. The information services, securities and financial instruments described may not be suitable for you or available in the jurisdiction in which you are located.


Iko Ward: Forex just polled the dinar, dong and rupiah together. This is a first since I've been monitoring. If they are all in the same basket this makes sense. Doesn't mean tonight, just means Forex thinks of them as a group.


Rv/gcr:the iqd is not live yet nor is the TRN's the world still waits on the eye of the needle and with it we should see the TRN's go live at the same time as the IQD. we have heard a few reports today that the IQD is LIVE...sorry NOT YET/. we have also heard the Admiral has gone in and that money is moving.

 Sorry,,,,Not Yet. We have heard that the roll-out for the GCR is in motion and we know this to be true. The other thing is some currency holders in distant countries are now fighting with the ministers of finance from those countries as sting operations and psyops continue to look for warehouses full of ill gotten gain.

that hurts the folks who are not holdr]ers of criminal money and it even sucks that they will have to use the legal system to have their currencies returned....We do still understand that GOOD THINGS are around the corner...who likes GOOD THINGS. 

I hope so...Pay attention to the solstice dates we have the eclipse on the 23rd and the last day of tishra on the 24 as well as the new opening of the omx-isx exchange and inclusion of the Xstream...some say they need a reality rate for this...Its this writers opinion that we will see a reality rate before the 26th the hope is always their....Many good things have happened, Do your homework is in plain-sight


Angela: Bank Story with WF today
Ok, here is my story:
Had to go to WF today to get a print out of my savings account, even thou my account is now negative. Venting now, as of March 14th, my wife was in an accident and has not worked since then, as of April I also became unemployed and my mortgage is now 4 months behind and facing foreclosure, but I'm still walking by faith.
Done venting. Back to my bank story.
Sat down with bank associate to get my copies.
BA - is there anything else I can help you with?
me- yes, does this branch do currency exchange? And can I speak to the WM
BA - yes we do, are you talking about the dinar? I can probable help you with that.
Me- (with a smith) yes that's fine.
BA- wow I've been hearing lot about it. However we are the last to know about the process.
What I do know is that it is suppose to happen by the end of this month. (She grabs her calculator) now from my understanding it is suppose go at around $3 or more. How much do have have.
Me- quite a bit.
BA- that's great. As a matter of fact one of my customers asked me a question. He says, how much money do i spend on a weekend? I told him about $100. He then said why don't I take that $100 and invest in the dinar, you have nothing to lose. He went on to say it would be like staying home for the weekend.
Me- Well did you purchase the dinar?
BA- (leaning forward) yes I did.
At this point she gave me her phone number and email address.
I then gave her my card and said to her “whom gets info first will contact the other.” Just wanted to share, I am much more encouraged.