Saturday, September 20, 2014


Omegaman:if the 20th was the contractor's pay deadline, if the IMF spanked Abadi and the rest of the GOI and told them to  get the minister's in by sunday, or they would move without Iraq, what does that tell you...it's merely a matter of hours, imo...i hid a clue in my last mountain goat update...


9-20-14 PilotJim: As some of you know I am a pilot and fly large corporate jets. Today was like many other days, I flew to a location pick up clients flew them to their destination. I have flown to Aspen, CO many times, very challenging approach even during good weather, even worse under IMC to minimums. Aspen has a large ramp (Place to park Airplanes) to accommodate lots of planes and rarely is it ever crowded, at least I have never seen it.

We picked up clients in the central part of the US and flew them to Aspen about a 3.5 hr flight. When we arrived we found the ramp not just full but overflowing with corporate jets, and not just the small 2 or 3 million dollar ones, these were large 30 to 50 million dollar jets parked wing tip to wing tip the full length of the ramp 3 aircraft deep. the ramp goes nearly the entire length of the 9000' Runway (over a mile and a half) the local FBO indicated that there was over a billion and a half dollars worth of aircraft on the ramp the most they have seen EVER!

I commented to our passengers that the ramp is very crowded and the most planes I have ever seen at this airport. Well he indicated the reason it is full is because there is a Wealth Managers conference that was put together at the last minute. I asked why the last minute, again he indicated that there is a global financial event that is expected to happen in the coming days that will affect the entire world and there are many many 1000's of Americans that will become very very VERY! wealthy in the coming days.

I asked him how he knew this, he said that he was a part of the meeting going on currently in Aspen. I also asked him does it have anything to do with the GCR, IRAQ and their currency. He smiled and said it has everything to do with IRAQ. He also asked me if I had some IQN, and he specificly said IQN. I smiled and nodded yes, he said more then 1,000,000 again I nodded yes.

Then he looked at me and said you will be able to buy one of these jet soon. I asked how soon . . . he indicated he did not know! but soon. He added one more thing . . . VP Joe Biden was expected to be at the event tomorrow and there was a large area north off the ramp sectioned off, I am guessing it was for him!

That's my story, hope you enjoyed, my first time ever speaking to anyone who knew about this event on the banker's side. I guess you can call this a bank story!


Vinman:Puzzle pieces being put together at G20 to reduce tax evasion.
Tax cheating action plan being voted on.
Over $4 billion being shelled out in settlement payments...which are now paid in full.
TRNs are now live.



9-20-14 Adept1: All the news coming out this morning has been -- IT'S DONE.

Yesterday we saw the UNSC members giving acknowledgement to Iraq as a sovereign nation, and supporting the fight against terrorism there - and it has to be paid for - in revalued currency - which means two things: 1, that the prior war debt is now repaid; and 2, that Iraq is now acknowledged as being a full member of the international community.

Then, this morning's speeches at the G20 conference in Queensland was all about revising taxation laws (think GESARA - the revised and rebirthed global nesara event).


Isn’t it interesting that all of this is happening at the same time:

G20 (talking about world financial changes)

UNSC mtg yesterday (while the US is "president" of the Security Council - which just happens to change every month)

Paris Club mtg this past week (in which they cleared out the prior war debts for Iraq)

NATO mtg in Wales where the world agreed to join the USA in beating down Isil

The Scotland vote for independence (for which we immediately saw evidence of tampering)

Does this kinda make you wonder what's going on? (hint hint)

LOVE - always and in all ways!